About us

Maverick Aerial Solutions is a drone services company located in Crossville, TN since 2020. We started the company around 2014 in Texas under the names of WhirlyBird Images and then WhirlyBird Aerial Services. During that time, we mostly worked with Real Estate Agents shooting photos and videos for their listings. In 2017 we started providing services in aerial mapping, which consists of taking a lot of photos and then turning those photos into a huge map.

One of the fun things I’ve gotten to do is to bring my drones and my knowledge to kids. From grade schools all the way up to High School, I’ve had the privilege of getting to show the kids, and even some of the teachers, how drones work, what you can do with them, etc.

As drones become more and more popular, and even more hi-tech than when I first got into this line of work, and the other applications where drones can be used for good, like search and rescue, filming in movies, drone racing and more…it is very likely that they will be as common as a glass to put your water in.
I greatly enjoy getting to fly the 3 drones that I have and I’m hoping to expand my business to include inspection services for things like cell towers, water towers, solar wind farm equipment, etc. Drones make a lot of jobs easier, and they also help to keep workers even safer.

At Maverick Aerial Solutions, we pride ourselves on Integrity, Honesty and giving our customers the best possible product for their money. And we like to have lots of fun while we’re doing it! If you see my car with the Maverick Aerial Solutions magnets on the side…flag me down or give me a call and let me know if you want to watch what we do sometime. Or even just ask me questions about how the drone works. I’ll be happy to show you if I have my drones with me.

Last but not least… I am an FAA Certificated Drone Pilot, which means that I am permitted to sell my services and that I have to adhere to all of the FAA regulations as well.

If you’d like more information, please feel free to call me at : 512-560-2650