Whether you are an owner of commercial property, or a Property Manager who takes care of commercial properties for the owners, you need to be able to show prospective lessees what your property looks like and how it is situated with the surrounding areas. Residential areas, other commercial areas, what kind of traffic goes by your location on a normal basis...all of these things can either make or break the deal when trying to sign up new lessees for your property. 

What better way to show off your property, than from the air?
Maverick Aerial Solutions can get you photos and/or stunning video of your properties from all levels, whether it's from a ground level or a little higher (like the photo above) so you can see the entire property. 

We can also fly over and map the entire property and then generate a high resolution 2D or 3D image that can be used to show where each store is in relation to the others, or to assist the property owner in mapping out ground for new additions to a shopping center.

In photo #1, directly below, you can see how we were able to fly a grid pattern over this shopping center. While the drone is flying back and forth over the property, the camera is pointed straight down and it is taking a photograph about ever 2 seconds.  This particular map consisted of 1757 photos which were stitched together to create a high resolution photograph.
Photo #2 is the finished product from all of those photos that were taken. While you can see things in great detail in this photo, on the full-sized version you can make out everything on the roof and in the parking lot, with much greater clarity than any Google Earth map you'll find. And this map will be current, too! You can also zoom right in to look at spots where there might be some drainage issues, or cracks in the asphalt that need fixing, or even parts of the A/C units that have fallen off. With the variety of tools we can use on these photos, you can quickly determine distances from one point of the shopping center to the other, determine how many square feet cover a particular spot, and even help to determine the health of the lawn areas and many other features. And each time we map your property, you are also creating an historical record that could even be used for insurance purposes if necessary.  No property is too large or too small.  If you would like more information on this mapping process, please give us a call at 512-560-2650 and we'll be happy to discuss your needs.



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