Construction sites are a prime example of where the advances in drone technology can be very useful.  Not only for the builder, but investors and inspectors as well.  Maverick Aerial Solutions can set up any type of plan that the job foreman needs, from the frequency of the visits to the number of locations that the photos and/or videos are taken, and more.  This service provides the foreman with a great way to keep the investors informed on how the job is going and what the buildings look like at every stage.  Whether you need new photos or video once a week, or once a month, Maverick Aerial Solutions can fulfill your needs. 

Another aspect of interest to the job foreman is at the very beginning of the project. There is almost always a large amount of dirt/material that needs to be either brought in or taken out to make sure that the job site is at the required levels.  With our services, we can fly over a property site and then create an image that can show you what the elevations are at each area of the property through a DSM model, as shown below. The different colors register varying degrees of elevation. The darker blues are the lower points and the reds are the higher points. This process can be accomplished very quickly and the results can help the foreman to make rapid decisions based on current levels, instead of having to wait a week or more to get the results back from typical surveying methods.  This can mean a huge savings in both time and money!

If you're just in the process of setting up the job site, many times the lead contractor needs to lay everything out on a map that will show where everything should go. Like the construction trailers, garbage containers, conex storage containers for the various contractors, the porta-potties, parking for the workers, cranes being used for taller buildings and so on.  You can't really rely on Google maps to have an up to date overhead photograph of where the job site will be.  All you need to do is call us at Maverick Aerial Solutions and we can come out and fly over the property site, taking photos every two seconds, which will produce a very large high resolution, and very current, 2D and/or 3D map that the contractor can use to make educated decisions on where to place everything.  Which is of great help to the job foreman and other leaders on the job site so there is no second guessing, much less relocating, of any of the items listed above.  That'll save you both time & money!

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