Golf course owners, maintenance crews and greens keepers can all benefit from photographs, video and aerial mapping of their respective golf courses.  Using our aerial services can be a very important tool that generate more money for the property, by way of increased memberships, marketing strategies and maintenance savings. 

Course Maintenance:  By providing high quality photos and video of the course, your maintenance team and greens keepers can readily see where you may need to adjust your watering schedule, seeding, fallen trees, etc. The health of the plants, grass and other vegetation is very important to the beauty of the course.  Prospective members will be more likely to join and/or play at your course when it looks beautiful. With the added benefit of our "elevation mode" you can easily see the topography of the property, as shown in Example A, below.

Course Owners: While most golf courses are beautiful, sometimes showing the beauty of the entire course is hard to do if you're just using ground videos.  Our drones shoot in 4K ultra hi-def video. Drones are much less expensive than having a helicopter and film crew, and drones can easily get lower aerial shots as well as the higher altitude shots.  And you can benefit from this savings even more if you have us fly the course during the different seasons.  We can also create Hole by Hole aerial videos to help you promote your golf course. It can also help you to retain members at your course, because by using these videos, they can improve their game which, in turn, will lower their scores because they'll know and understand the golf course better!

Aerial Mapping:
Example B,  below, gives you a basic idea of how the mapping takes place. Basically, we fly a grid pattern over the entire course, while the camera is taking a hi-res photo about ever 2 seconds.  After all of the flying and photo taking is done, we then  upload the photos into our specialized software and the end result is a very large map that can give you an incredibly detailed view of your course. This same map can be used in the 2D mode, a 3D mode, the Elevation Mode, and in some cases even contour maps can be made.  Our maps can even be printed out to the size of a 30 ft (or more) long wall so as players come into pay their greens fees, they can see the entire course laid out right before them! Guaranteed that photo will be what all the members are talking about!

Aerial mapping can also be extremely beneficial in golf course design and construction phases because of the ability to map out the topography of the land. Having flights done once a month or even per week, can really help the construction managers apprised of all the changes that have been made since the last flight, and whether or not the sub-contractors are actually completing tasks on time.

The following photos actually involve a process where approximately 1400 photos are taken from the drone, one about every two seconds, while following the grid pattern shown in Photo #1.  Photo#2 shows the 2D image from all of those photos.  Photo #3 is an 'elevation mode' that helps the property owner see exactly where the high and low areas on the property...and everything in between.




This photo represents the grid pattern that is flown over the entire property, the results of which are shown in the
next two photos.

This photo represents the standard 2D mode. These photos are very large because of the extreme high-definition photos that are taken and then stitched together. It gives you a much cleaner, and current view of your property vs. Google Maps

This photo represents the Elevation Mode. The dark reds are the highest elevation areas and the dark blues are the lowest.  This can be especially useful when renovations of the course are in the planning stages.

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