Operating a mine, rock quarry or gravel pit, can be a very time consuming job. Keeping track of how much material you have on hand for your customers, and making sure that you are accounting for every ton that gets shipped out, shouldn't have to be as time consuming as it has been.  And that is where Maverick Aerial Solutions can help.

 Until recently, a mining company would have to hire surveyors to come out and take numerous measurements of every pile of material on the property, which can be a very time consuming and expensive task. Now, due to the advancements in drone technology and specialized software, mining operations can now get better results, faster! Saving the company thousands of dollars a year.  Depending on the size of the mine, the surveying portion could take a week or more to finish. Now it can be accomplished in hours.

Using existing Ground Control Points, a mine can achieve the greatest accuracy by using surveyors to take specific measurements at the top and bottom of the piles, and then letting the drone do the rest.  We are able to fly over large areas, taking numerous photos of the necessary areas in a short amount of time. When finished, we take our information and combine it with the GCPs and the newly acquired measurements from the surveyors and put all of that information into our specialized software.  The result is extremely accurate volumetric measurements that will tell the mine operator exactly how many cubic yards of material are in each pile. 

Whether you take these measurements quarterly, every six months, or once a year – Maverick Aerial Solutions can accommodate your needs.  Give us a call today to find out how we can help.

Once the aerial photos have been taken and run through the specialized software, we are able to determine the exact area of the piles and then calculate the precise number of cubic yards in each individual pile.  The ground based surveying that used to take a couple of weeks and several thousand dollars to be completed, can now be done in a matter of hours...with the final results in the customer's hands in just a few days.

Once all of the volume measurements have been completed, we will provide the customer with an overall look of the area scanned, with volume measurements listed on the corresponding piles.  We can also provide a hi-res geo-tiff file of the property that is large enough to be blown up to a giant sized map that can be laminated and hung up on a wall. This is a very valuable item that can be used for future mine planning purposes and as an historical record for the mine itself.

Geo-Tiff Files will generally require a program, like Adobe Photoshop, to open them.
Because of their large size - that can be anywhere between 850 mb to 1.5 GB and more.

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