There are so many different applications where a drone can be used to perform different tasks, besides the ones that we've already discussed.  Since we opened for business in 2014, we have also provided aerial services for weddings, motorcycle rallies, fun runs, canoe races, photos and video for home owners, business owners, fireworks videos for 4th of July celebrations and more.

While our main business ventures will have to do with the various specialty services we have listed on these other pages, we are also available for:
Cell Tower – Power Line & Wind Generator Inspections –
Roof Inspections – Accident Reconstruction & Insurance Claims

Instead of sending a person climbing up to great heights, we can fly up to the top and beyond to perform visual inspections that you'll be able to view and share whenever you want to through photos and/or videos.

If you're an Insurance adjuster, our equipment can take numerous photos from any angle and through our software we can create a 3D model that you can use to have the entire scene recreated right on your computer.

If you are part of a Fire Crew, Search & Rescue or other first responder type crew, Maverick Aerial Solutions would love to talk to you about helping you out in those situations.  Drones can provide a lot of helpful views for incident commanders during house fires, wild fires and floods.  And we will provide our services free of charge in most every instance.

Seeing things from above is a view that we couldn't normally get in many circumstances, until now.  So even if your needs don't fit into one of the main categories that we've listed on our pages, please give us a call and we'll be happy to help you figure out how we can give you the photos or video you're looking for.

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