At Maverick Aerial Solutions we take great pride in our work. We want to make sure that we get you the product you asked for, in a timely manner. We don’t cut corners and we want you to be 100% happy about your product.

Aerial Mapping Service

Aerial mapping is when the drone is flying along grid lines, taking a photo every 2 seconds. All of the pictures get stitched together to make one giant high resolution photo that you can zoom down and see things much easier.  In this example you can see the grid pattern the drone was flying, and the finished map produced below.

Golf Courses

Courses can benefit from drones in two ways. One is mapping the entire golf course, as noted above. But we can also fly the entire course from tee to green and shoot stunning 4k quality video of the course and other places like the driving range, putting areas and anything else the course would like to have done. We can also shoot video inside other buildings on the premises like the clubhouse, snack bar, restaurant, gift shop, etc.

Mining Properties

As mentioned above, mining properties can benefit greatly by using drones to determine the quantities of stockpiles, and even measure down into the pits themselves, as shown next to you. The photo shown is approximately 75 acres. The drone was flying about 200 ft above ground level or AGL. The same software that flies the drone, also stitches the photos together and has the tools to determine just how many cubic yards there are in each of the piles, which is what the numbers in white represent.

Large Real Estate Properties

Large Real Estate properties prove to be another great example of how drones can benefit property owners. This is the Lazy H Ranch near Mason, TX.  609 Acres of hills, valleys, rivers, numerous buildings, etc. Without the drone, you’d have to hire someone in a helicopter or airplane to get the pictures for you. Or just not show everything there was to offer at a property like this.

Custom Floor Plans

As you see to the right, our custom floor plans can show you the measurements throughout your home, shop, and business. The plain black and white is the most utilized of the floor plans, but loan agents will also love the colored floor plan (not shown here)  because it shows the General Living Area or GLA.  Both homeowners and Realtors can make use out of these floor plans.  Let us know when we can help you!

Photography & Video Services

Our standard photo and video services can be used for numerous occasions. Realtors can use our services when selling or listing a home or any other buildings. On larger properties we can also bring in the drones to help show off the home and land.
We look forward to hearing from you!

Private Parties, Ceremonies, Weddings

Aerial shots have their uses for celebrations of all kinds, except for indoor or in close quarters with lots of people around. Having a party anywhere outdoors is a whole other story!  Give us a call and let’s what we can do to help you preserve your memories!

Travel Vlogs, Commercials & Videos

Getting a unique bird’s eye view can be a big plus for videos of all kinds. Got a big car lot? Let us help you show the enormity of your place. We have the tools and the skills to get the shots you need.

Outside Venues, Concerts, Festivals

Drones can be used in situations like this, but they have to be extremely careful not to fly over people, definitely not to drop packages of any kind to the crowd or whoever is on stage. If you have an outdoor event, please let us know and we’ll be happy to try and help you out.