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Whether you own a small or large residential property, photos and video from an aerial viewpoint can show buyers more about the layout of the property than any other format. Whether you want a stunning 4K video that makes the viewer feel like they are flying above the property themselves, or still photos that can be put into a slide show or virtual tour type format, the aerial perspective can be a great tool to help sell your property faster. 

Maverick Aerial Solutions is very experienced in the Real Estate market having provided aerial footage for 2 acre properties to over 1500 acre properties. 

One of the latest additions to our Real Estate services is that of mapping the entire property. The mapping is achieved by flying a grid pattern over the property, while the camera is taking a photograph about every 2 seconds.  All of those images are then stitched together to create an enormous high resolution photograph. Depending on the size of the property, the resulting photograph could be printed out large enough to cover a full wall! This is especially suitable for larger parcels but can also be done for properties which are as small as 1 acre.

Below you will see an example of a grid pattern on the left, and the resulting map on the right.




This was a 223 acre ranch and, as you can see, it had some pretty varied property lines for us to follow.  It took most of a day to shoot and then a few days to get all of the images processed, but now the customer has an historic record of what the property looked like when it was purchased, so that they can compare this to later maps after they've started building.

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